I eat " Adidas " but Run with " ASICS " !!!


Robinson's Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2017 - 10 km race.

Reasons why I decided to run the Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run:

First, it was held  at Camp Aguinaldo which is a nice well contained place to run with its tree lined streets and fairly open spaces. 

Second, race start is at 6am which is a fairly decent time as compared to those dreaded 3am races I used to frequent. 

Third, found a Running Buddy who is no less than my good buddy, Jrl - Running. Though she is a girl, don't let her small frame fool you.  She can definitely give you a run for your money.

Fourth, I was intrigued by the famous race loot bag where I have heard people comment like, "para kang nag grocery" or "busog na pamilya ko for 1 month." After all, who can resist a big bag of freebies! 

It proved to be a nice cool morning on race day with a pretty straightforward and slightly hilly race course. Though the area was tight due to the number of runners on the road, at least there were rarely any cars which is a big plus. I was also feeling pretty good and quite satisfied to have finished at a decent time "knee-pain free."  And yes, I finally got to take home the  famous loot bag (or should I say, duffle bag) and it was exactly what I expected and so much more! All in all, I was a happy camper... good race, good run with lots of goodies! Looking forward to run this race again next year! 
Jrl - Running and I.
My Babe " Mrs. Shield " 
The famous Loot giveaways ...
 Jayson Tan .... my knee classmate 
 Mario Dumayag and Family
Day Walker

OYM 2nd LEG 2017

So here we go again... I was all set to run the 21km event but didn't feel up to par so decided to downgrade to a 10km event instead just 3 days before the race. Luckily, the Organizer  - Mark Anthony Lui happened to have an extra 10km race bib on such short notice. 
thank you very much. :-) .
Race started at 6am taking us through the familiar routes around MOA. Weather was quite humid but thankful for the ample supply of water on hand.  Surprisingly, I felt quite good all throughout the race which made me think that maybe I should have stuck to the original plan of running the 21km event.  Well, there's always a next time. Maybe then I'll feel good and confident enough to go for elusive 21km.

     Bryan Magali
Running Buddy ( JRL Running ) caught up with me in the last 4 kms.

37 years ......

When I started running 37 years ago, I would always make it a point to hand carry my running gear whenever and wherever I travel... be it a local destination in the Philippines and most especially when traveling out of the country. I keep my gear close to me simply because my philosophy has always been "mawala na lahat, ang maleta, wag lang running gear ko".  I know it may be a bit dramatic but that's how much running has been a part of my life.  I even have a set of running gear in the office and the trunk of my car just in case I find the opportunity or the urge to just go for a run wherever I may find myself in. 

And so it finally happened..... 
On a recent trip to Boston my luggage just went MIA. This has never happened to me before but, in spite of the unfortunate circumstance, I still took comfort in the fact that I had my running gear neatly tucked away in my backpack.  I was still able to get up early the next morning, lace up my running shoes and do a 15.36 km run along the familiar streets of Boston. 

Eventually, my suitcase did arrive and made a timely appearance at the hotel.  This experience just made me realize that my passion and love for running has never wavered but simply evolved with me as the years go by.  I may not be as fast as I used to be, I may be more prone to injury than normal because of age and the like but I have never lost my enthusiasm and eagerness to run... still making sure that I will never miss an opportunity to run whenever and wherever in the world I may be.

Today, May 31 , 2017,  I celebrate my 37 years of Running with a present Running Mileage of 108,665.19 kms

Bouncy ...

" The hardest part about losing someone you really love, isn't having to say goodbye, but rather learning to live without them "
Love you Son. Say hi to Perky :-(